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Latino Daily News

Sunday May 18, 2014

Farmer Discovers World’s Biggest Dinosaur in Argentina

Farmer Discovers World’s Biggest Dinosaur in Argentina

Photo: Dinosaur discovery in Argentina

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A farm worker in Argentina discovered the remains of a dinosaur weighing 100 tons, which makes it the largest specimen in the world found up to now according to researchers’ calculations, local media reported Saturday.

The object found was the femur of a herbivorous dinosaur of the sauropod family that lived some 100 million years ago, and was found in the southern Argentine province of Chubut near the town of Las Plumas.

The bone “is equivalent to those of 14 African elephants, from which it is deduced that the animal weighed at least 100 tons,” researcher Pablo Puerta of Chubut’s Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum said in a statement to the official news agency Telam.

The discovery, presented Friday to the media, was made more than three months ago, since when museum researchers have been working on its recovery.

This is the second dinosaur find reported in Argentina this week, after the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, or CONICET, presented the remains of a diplodocid sauropod that scientists place as the first of its species to be found in South America and the only one in the world from the Cretaceous Period.


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