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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 29, 2014

FARC Guerillas Leave Colombia’s Most Important Port without Electricity

The port of Buenaventura, the most important port on Colombia’s Pacific coast, is without electricity after a dynamite attack on several electric towers attributed Tuesday to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, by the Colombian military.

“There is one of the towers that is bent in two, whereby we’ve ... confirmed that it’s a terrorist attack (and) about which we have intelligence information to corroborate those impressions,” Pablo Romero, the commander of the country’s Pacific naval fleet, told Radio Caracol, attributing the attack to the FARC.

The power outage occurred about 7:55 Monday evening and, in addition to the port zone, it is affecting the rural area adjacent to the port, which is in the southwestern province of Valle de Cauca and through which 60 percent of the country’s heavy cargo passes.

Calculations are that 400,000 people have been affected by the blackout.

According to Colombian media outlets, the attack destroyed three electric towers located in the Placer and La Cascada sectors in the rural part of Buenaventura, where the infrastructure is owned by the Energy Company of the Pacific, or Epsa.

The corporation announced a contingency plan to reestablish electric service and it has deployed 60 technicians to the zone.

The attack comes just a few days before the visit of President Juan Manuel Santos to Buenaventura, where he will meet with representatives of different social sectors.

This is not the first time an attack of this kind has been staged. Last November, power was knocked out for three days in the city after an electric tower was dynamited.


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