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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 16, 2010

Family Roadtrip Becomes Major Hispanic Social Media Experient

In 1903, when the entire United States had but 150 miles of paved roads, Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson set off from San Francisco in a 20-horsepower Winton touring car hoping to become the first person to cross the U.S. in what was then dubbed a “horseless carriage.”  Sixty-three days later, after many trials and tribulations, Dr. Jackson, his co-driver Sewall Crocker and their bulldog Bud made it to New York City.

More than 100 years later, a Miami family of five is about to embark on what might be this century’s epic U.S. family road trip.  Starting on Father’s Day, PapiBlogger.com founder and father of three Manny Ruiz, his wife Angela and their children Brian (1), Elena (6) and Jonathan (10) will embark on a 10,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that will circle the four corners of the continental United States.  “Our journey may not be as treacherous as Dr. Jackson’s inspirational one was but it will certainly be challenging and two times longer because we’re going to the four corners of the U.S. with three young children,” said Ruiz, former founder/CEO of Hispanic PR Wire and a social media marketing expert who also runs the Hispanic PR Blog and the annual Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference.

Over the course of 40 days, the Ruiz family will travel on the “Papimobile” (a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse) from Miami to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Seattle, Seattle to Maine and Maine back to Miami.  Along the way, through daily stories, photos and videos, the family will document their adventures on PapiBlogger.com as well as on the blog’s Facebook (www.Facebook.com/PapiBlogger) and Twitter (www.Twitter.com/PapiBlogger) pages. The PapiBlogger Family Road Trip has three key objectives, said Ruiz.  “First, we want to have a genuinely memorable vacation that we’ll talk about the rest of our lives.  Second, we want to show our children why they should love their country, its beauty and its diversity of cultures and languages.  And third, we want to raise awareness about PapiBlogger.com and the web site’s unique value proposition as the premier destination to learn and share creative parenting tricks in both English and Spanish.”


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