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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 22, 2011

Facebook Loving Spanish Nun Sacked and Kicked Out of Convent (VIDEO)

“Sor Internet” or “Sister Internet,” was the moniker given to María Jesús Galán, the Spanish nun who posted a message on her Facebook wall announcing she had been sacked from her Dominican Convent in Toledo, Spain.

“I’ve been sacked from the monastery,” Sister Galan said “there are a few Kenyans [nuns] who have made my life impossible” added Sor Internet, making clear that she is “tranquil and at peace. These are things that happen, and it is better to just move on.”

She is currently looking for a job as an accountant.

The 54 year-old nun was the proud archivist of the convent that once housed 160 nuns. She was also its historian, accountant, alternate cook, seamstress and counselor to the 15 nuns between the ages of 24 and 80 currently in the convent.

Back in the day, Sor Internet convinced her superiors to purchase a computer, and made the old convent library her office, setting off to methodically digitize the archives, and make them available on the Internet.

“The Internet is a wonderful place if you go on it with a clean intent” she says, adding that when she got bored, she sometimes took the old computer apart, and put it back together for fun.

Cataloguing the library proved to be painstaking, but equally rewarding for the nun, who took enormous pleasure in scanning one by one the pages of a 1382 breviary, found sandwiched between the thick walls of the convent, as well as a parchment dubbed “the calf” because it’s cover is made of calf leather, the parchment of sheep, and the pages contain the accounting of properties and kettle of the convent back in XVI century Toledo.

Sister Maria’s labor earned her a very important recognition, the “Placa al Mérito Regional del Gobierno de Castilla-La Mancha.”

The sister, the convent, and representatives of the Archbishop of Toledo have refused to explain the circumstances behind the ouster of sister María Jesús, who is now off to a rough start, considering the 34 years she spent in the convent, don’t count towards her unemployment benefit.  Basically, she has been unemployed for the last 34 years, and both unemployment agencies and employers don’t take kindly to that.

Nonetheless, the nun is optimistic and hopeful that she’ll find something soon, perhaps through somebody on her Facebook page, where she has close to 9,500 fans.