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Latino Daily News

Friday January 6, 2012

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Heads From Brazil to Uruguay

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Heads From Brazil to Uruguay

Photo: Facebook Found Mark Zuckerberg Heads From Brazil to Uruguay

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In the last few weeks, Facebook found Mark Zuckerberg has gone from the U.S. to Vietnam to Brazil and is now in Uruguay with his girlfriend and a reported group of seven friends.

Zuckerberg and friends spent New Year’s in the luxurious Brazilian beach town of Folorionopolis, but have since headed down to Uruguay where local news is having a field day with the posse and their interesting requests.

For Zuck’s 8-day vacation in Punta del Este in southeastern Uruguay all animals had to be removed from the home being used by the mogul, as some in his group are very allergic.

All furniture in the house was sent away as well and replaced with new items.

A number of guards were and servants were also hired. So many in fact, that it appears there are as many staff workers as there are visitors.

Local news source El Pais has also reported that everything in the home was scrubbed down with special chemicals.

And though it is unclear whether or not they’ll be hanging out together, Gawker is reporting that former Napster creator, Sean Parker, has arrived in Uruguay as well.