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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 29, 2013

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Burglars Break-Into House Leading Cops to 3,700 Pounds of Pot Inside

Sunday night alert neighbors in the Mission, Texas area of Cimarron Country Club reported seeing two Hispanic men breaking into a home.

When authorities responded they were expecting to surprise the home burglars instead they were the surprised ones when they discovered 3,700 pounds of pot inside the empty home. 

Authorities believe the burglars might of known what was inside the home because they found some of the 181 bundles of pot were disrupted.  The pot bundles were found inside the closet and bathroom of the home.

Texas authorities are trying to locate the homeowners, that appear to have vacated the house that has no water or electrical service.

The majority Latino border city of Mission is located along the South Texas-Mexico border and in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley.  Mission has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the boomtowns of the country.