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Latino Daily News

Friday July 2, 2010

Jailed Colombian Warlord Sued in U.S. Courts for Human Right Crimes Committed in Columbia

Former Colombian militia leader, Carlos Mario Jimenez, is being sued by the family of individuals he killed in his native Colombia on the basis of a 200-year old U.S. law that recognizes human rights abuses regardless of where they occurred.  Jimenez, a former leader of a violent paramilitary group in Colombia, has been in this country since he was extradited on drug charges in 2008.  He is jailed in a Miami prison.

Jimenez was a leader of the “Bloque Central Bolivar” (BCB), that funded its militia activities through drug trafficking.  The Colombian government handed over many of these militia to the U.S. where they faced less serious charges of drug trafficking.

Many Colombian’s feared Jimenez would never be tried in their country for multiple violations of human rights that included torture, murder and crimes against humanity.  The families of murder victims Alma Jaramillo and Eduardo Estrada are testing the legal waters in U.S. courts to see if they can find justice.  This is the first time in U.S. history that a former Colombian paramilitary leader is sued in U.S. federal courts. 


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