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Latino Daily News

Monday October 4, 2010

UPDATE:  More Explosions Occur Throughout Monterrey, Mexico

UPDATE:  It is now being reported that three grenade attacks over the weekend in Monterrey and one in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  The three grenade attacks in Monterrey were aimed at public buildings including the U.S. consulate.  The other two grenade launches were aimed at the federal court house and the Topo Chico state prison all located in Monterrey.  The other grenade launch that was not aimed at a public building occurred in Guadalupe also located in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Twelve people were injured when someone threw a grenade in a plaza in the center of town.  The innocent victims, eight adults and four children, were taking an evening stroll when the incident happened.  No one is in custody people are investigating.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Last night at least three grenades exploded near the U.S. Consulate in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.  The consulate is not reporting any injuries or death due to the explosion.  Several cars parked near the consulate were damaged and flying debris injured a security guard working at the Judicial Power of the Federation building.

Another grenade was launched in Monterrey at a prison facility.

Monterrey has been hard hit by turf battles between the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas resulting in 500 deaths in the area.