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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 17, 2011

Executions at Independence Day Celebration- HS News Narco Blog

Executions at Independence Day Celebration- HS News Narco Blog

Photo: Independence Day Celebration

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Just a few minutes before the ceremony of the Grito de Independencia in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila was set to begin, gunfire broke out. The State Emergency 066 System was activated once authorities logged the call. Reports are that it began with a confrontation at the corner of Key Street and Ramon Corona, a few blocks from the Government Palace. Ultimately two people were killed, both approximately 30 years old. They have yet to be identified and the investigation reveals at least 20 shots were fired in the crowd.

Elements of the Municipal Police, State Police and Mexican army guard responded to the site immediately. The bodies were taken to the amphitheater.

At the Plaza de Armas several people panicked when the fireworks started, screaming that it was gunshots.  Some people were fainting, other cried hysterically as terror and panic prevailed. Members of the band Horoscopos de Durango were afraid when they heard the screams and left the stage.  Authorities said that everyone involved in the spreading of terror were arrested by members of the Municipal Police.

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