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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 16, 2013

Ex-Wife of Mexican Politician Seeks International Help in Custody Battle

Ex-Wife of Mexican Politician Seeks International Help in Custody Battle

Photo: Maude Versini

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The French ex-wife of a powerful Mexican politician said she will ask the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to order Mexico to allow her to see her three children.

“No other option is left to me than to turn to the international forums to demand justice and preventive measures that will allow me to see my children,” Maude Versini said in an interview published Tuesday by the daily El Universal.

Versini and Arturo Montiel, a former governor of the central state of Mexico, split up in 2007.

In December 2011, she said, Montiel abducted their children after a mutual agreement regarding vacations went to pieces.

In January 2012, Versini began taking measures in Mexican and French courts to safeguard her rights.

She secured a favorable judgment from a Mexican court in May 2012, but Montiel appealed and is also defying a recent judicial order to present the children.

Versini accuses the judge hearing the case, Guadalupe Escalona, of not daring to rule against Montiel, a figure very close to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

“It’s obvious that justice in the State of Mexico is not impartial,” said the mother.

She said that international justice is her “only possibility to achieve an immediate and concrete measure” that will enable her to see her children.

“Independent of the trial that ultimately will have to decide on custody or restitution and which may go to Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, in this case one right is being specifically violated: that of a mother to see her children and the right of the children to see their mother,” one of Versini’s attorney’s, Jaime Aparicio, said.


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