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Latino Daily News

Sunday May 19, 2013

Ex-President Fujimori Under Observation for Gastritis

Ex-President Fujimori Under Observation for Gastritis

Photo: Alberto Fujimori

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The imprisoned ex-president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, is under observation at a Lima clinic after being diagnosed with gastritis, his daughter Keiko said Saturday.

“Doctors have concluded that my father has erosive gastroduodenitis plus acute lesions of the gastric mucous with bleeding in some places. They’re keeping my dad under observation for the next few hours. He’s receiving medication to control the pain,” Keiko Fujimori said outside the clinic.

The former member of Congress and ex-presidential candidate said that her father, 74, underwent several medical exams Saturday to discover why he was not digesting his food and why he was losing weight.

Fujimori is currently waiting for a response to the plea for a humanitarian pardon filed by his four children in October, about which President Ollanta Humala will have the last word at some as yet unspecified date.

Fujimori, who has been hospitalized since Friday night, is serving a 25-year jail sentence for ordering 25 murders and two kidnappings during his time in office between 1990-2000.

“We have hopes that the pardon will be granted,” Keiko said, “and that is will be granted in the next few weeks.”

One of the main arguments of the plea for a humanitarian pardon was that Fujimori was a high-risk cancer patient, a claim that was refuted by examinations imposed by the commission evaluating his case.

Fujimori’s detractors say that if a pardon is granted, it will be a sign of impunity for human-rights violations.