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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Ex-Miss Universe Denise Quinones To Relaunch Music Career

Ex-Miss Universe Denise Quinones To Relaunch Music Career

Photo: Denise Quiñones

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Puerto Rico’s ex-Miss Universe Denise Quiñones announced her return as a singer with performances on May 30-31.

Quiñones, 32, will present the show “Estoy Aqui” at the Punto Fijo Theater Cafe of the Luis A. Ferre Fine Arts Center in San Juan.

Among the numbers the singer and actress will perform are “No Soy sin Ti” from her first disc “Ruidos y Silencios,” “Rabo de Nube” by Silvio Rodriguez, and favorites by the Puerto Rican Sylvia Rexach.

At a press conference, Quiñones vocalized several songs accompanied by guitarist Luis Rodriguez, and told reporters she is “very excited” to see how people are reacting to her singing again.

The 2001 Miss Universe debuted in music in 2012 when she launched “Ruidos y Silencios,” an album produced by Dominican singer-songwriter Pavel Nuñez.

The beauty queen has also sung with Colombia’s Juanes and performed the tune “Fugitivo” for a Christmas special of the Banco Popular of Puerto Rico, “Hecho con Sabor a Puerto Rico”.

Quiñones noted that the show “Estoy Aqui” (I’m Here) is a reference to the fact that she moved back to Puerto Rico after living almost four years in the Dominican Republic, where she was performing in a play.

After that experience, she said, “I felt I needed to be here, to do theater here and be with my people.”