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Latino Daily News

Monday March 14, 2011

Every Day More Bars and Restaurants In Argentina use “Alcohometers”

Every Day More Bars and Restaurants In Argentina use “Alcohometers”

Photo: Alcohometer machine in Argentina

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Since the launch of the ‘alcohometer’ machine three months ago, 103 establishments in Argentina have already made them available to customers.

The Alcohometers are free and the user inserts a token given to him at the bar (or by a staff member) and the machine gives him a small yellow straw which fits perfectly in a small hole with a legend that reads “insert straw here.”

The user then waits for the machine to warm up, and blows for five seconds when prompted to do so by the machine.  The user steps back and waits for the results.

The results read one of four options: Green means the user is good to go, sober; Yellow means, exercise caution, sober up a bit before going out; Red means the user is inebriated, shouldn’t drive and will inevitably fail a Breathalyzer test. The fourth option, also prompts the color red which means the user did something wrong, and the machine wasn’t able to provide a result, in short, please try again.

“They installed the machine here a month ago,” said a Puerto Madero bar owner. “It is in a private place, and though it is supposed to be a voluntary thing, we suggest it to customers when we think is necessary.

So far, Alcohometers are being used on average 500 times per week in Argentina.