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Latino Daily News

Sunday August 4, 2013

Eva Longoria Says You Don’t Have To Be Rich and Famous to Help the Poor

Eva Longoria Says You Don’t Have To Be Rich and Famous to Help the Poor

Photo: Eva Longoria

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U.S. actress Eva Longoria, who is celebrating her Philanthropic Weekend in the southern Spanish city of Marbella, said that to help people you don’t have to be rich and famous, though she believes the great fortunes have the responsibility of contributing to projects that help those in need.

Longoria, que took part Saturday in the beneficent Global Gift Celebrity Golf Tournament, said in an interview with Efe that this is a fun sport and a good way to collect funds, while admitting she doesn’t play “all that well.”

The actress, who is also a patron of the charity Global Gift Gala, to be held on Sunday, said she hopes this second edition in Marbella will be “as successful” as the one in 2012, since it is “really helping” children in this Andalusian municipality on the Mediterranean and in other parts of the world, and announced that future events are planned for London, Mexico City and Dubai.

She expressed her surprise at the resounding success of last year’s gala and praised the “generosity” of the Spanish people at a time when it is so difficult to collect funds and stage philanthropic galas because “everybody is suffering.”

With regard to the Eva Longoria Foundation, which works with women of the Latino community, she says it enables girls to go to college and women to start their own businesses.

For Longoria, it is more reasonable to help in small ways, “to think what I can do right now, in my community and in my foundation,” because if people give up because they think they can’t help everyone, they don’t help anyone, and said that her inspiration for creating beneficent projects are the women in her family.