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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 4, 2014

Eva Longoria Says Apple Store Employees Accessed Private Data

Eva Longoria Says Apple Store Employees Accessed Private Data

Photo: Eva Longoria

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Actress Eva Longoria charged that employees of an Apple Store accessed her personal data in a case that intensifies the controversy over the hacking of personal online information after the publication on the Internet of racy and intimate photographs of about 100 celebrities.

Longoria said in an interview with the television program Access Hollywood that someone got in contact with her saying that they were a fan who worked in an Apple Store in San Antonio that that they had made “a dress” for the actress.

“I’ve had a lot of problems of people breaking into my email,” she told Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush in a segment to be aired Wednesday. “Yeah my Mac email, not hacked, just go get it from the stores and I had a big problem with that.”

“There are a lot of privacy issues,” the Desperate Housewives star said.

The remarks come after the release last weekend of private photos of about 100 celebrities, in which they appear nude or in sensual poses and which have caused great commotion on the social networks in the days since them.

Among those affected by the hacking scandal is actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has already announced legal action against the perpetrators, although she said that not all the images purporting to be of her are genuine.


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