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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Estimate: 12 Million Mexicans Ready and Willing to Cheat on Their Spouse

Estimate: 12 Million Mexicans Ready and Willing to Cheat on Their Spouse

Photo: Millions of Mexicans Want to Cheat on Spouse

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Some 12 million married Mexicans of both sexes are dissatisfied with their sex lives and open to the idea of cheating, according to estimates by the operators of a Web site that facilitates “discreet” extramarital flings.

The ohhtel.com site “has had strong growth” since expanding its services to Mexico on Nov. 9 and now has 72,000 users in the country, the spokesman for the Mexican operation, Eneas Mares, told Efe.

The estimate of how many wedded Mexicans are prepared to venture outside their marriages is based on telephone surveys carried out in each of the eight countries where ohhtel.com operates.

The U.S. survey found as many as 80 million people who are unhappy enough in their marriages to contemplate having an affair.

Founded in 2009 and available in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and all three countries in North America, ohhtel.com has 2 million subscribers in all.

Women make up 40 percent of the site’s 72,000 Mexican clients, while only 30 percent of Brazilian users are female, Mares said.

“We have observed that this tendency (of women signing up) is growing, and we expect it to be 50-50 men and women in the first quarter of next year,” he said, noting that the median age of Mexican subscribers is 30, compared with 33 in Brazil and 36 in the United States.

Subscriptions to ohhtel.com in Mexico run 320 pesos ($23) a month for men, but women can use the site free of charge.