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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 9, 2010

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Falling Short on its Mission

The most recent annual report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) shows that they are falling short of their mandate to hold the federal government accountable for equal opportunity practices. 

The EEOC, which is responsible for enforcing laws against employment discrimination, also holds all government agencies accountable for reporting their employments statistics ensuring fair hiring practices.  The annual report shows that only 80% of government departments submit statistics on employment by race and national origin.  Furthermore, only 60% of the U.S. government agencies have formal policies promoting equal employment practices. 

Though many agencies are making improvements to insure a diverse workplace they lag behind the strides made by the private sector, according to Diversity, Inc.  The EEOC is able to enforce equal opportunity standards on corporate America through the legal system but cannot do that with the U.S. government, basically it cannot sue itself.

The federal government remains the largest employer in this country and is facing more complaints of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin and religion.  Almost 17,000 discrimination complaints against the U.S. government by its own employees were filed in 2009.