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Latino Daily News

Friday January 28, 2011

Entire Police Force Quits After Colleagues are Decapitated, Others Missing Outside of Monterrey MX

The 14,500 towns people of General Teran, in the state of Nuevo Leon, have seen its share of trouble since it is located in a drug-smuggling route to the U.S. but what happened over the last couple of weeks appear to be the worse.

In December masked gunmen attacked the local police head quarters with machine-gun fire and grenades, then two days ago two police officers were kidnapped by gunmen.  Those two officers were found decapitated in town, a discovery made by their own colleagues – that’s when the entire 38-man police force and its police chief quit.  Another officer had been kidnapped several weeks ago and remains missing.

The Mexican government has now deployed the federal police and the Army to serve the role of police officer to General Teran which is located southwest of Monterrey, Mexico.

President Felipe Calderon has introduced a piece of legislation that would eliminate local police forces and be replaced by a state police force that is better armed and trained.