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Thursday August 18, 2011

Enrique Iglesias Takes Dance Chart Record From Michael Jackson AGAIN!

Enrique Iglesias Takes Dance Chart Record From Michael Jackson AGAIN!

Photo: Enrique Iglesias and Michael Jackson

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For the second time this year, Enrique Iglesias snatches the title for most dance hits at #1 from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Back in February of this year, Enrique Iglesias had become the male artist with the most chart topping dance hits in history.

But defending his title from the great beyond, MJ’s “Hollywood Tonight” became number one in charts over the summer, tying at 8 number one hits with Enrique.

“Dirty” became Iglesias lucky number 9, and the song that made him the record holder for the male artist with the most songs at #1.

The artist with the most number 1 dance hits ever, is Madonna with 40; a record that Enrique has a shot at, that is if Michael Jackson quits being so awesome and danceable, even after death.

Enrique Iglesias’ Dance/Club Play #1 hits:

“Bailamos,” Aug. 21, 1999, one week
“Be With You,” May 6, 2000, one week
“Hero,” Dec. 15, 2001, one week
“Escape,” May 18, 2002, one week
“Not In Love” (featuring Kelis), April 10, 2004, one week
“Away” (featuring Sean Garrett), March 14, 2009, one week
“I Like It” (featuring Pitbull), Aug. 28, 2010, one week
“Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” (featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E), Feb. 5, 2011, one week
“Dirty Dancer” (with Usher featuring Lil Wayne), Aug. 20, 2011, one week (to-date)

Michael Jackson’s Dance/Club Play #1 hits:

“Thriller (all cuts),” Jan. 22, 1983, 11 weeks
“Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’ (Too Good to Be True)” (Jermaine Jackson & Michael Jackson), June 9, 1984, three weeks
“Bad (Remix),” Nov. 7, 1987, two weeks
“The Way You Make Me Feel,” Jan. 30, 1988, one week
“In the Closet,” June 13, 1992, one week
“Who Is It,” May 22, 1993, one week
“Scream” (Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson), July 15, 1995, two weeks
“Hollywood Tonight,” June 11, 2011, one week