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Friday July 29, 2011

Enrique Iglesias Admits Onstage to Having a TINY PENIS (VIDEO)

Enrique Iglesias Admits Onstage to Having a TINY PENIS (VIDEO)

Photo: Iglesias Checking It's Still There Onstage.

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Iglesias told Aussie fans he has the “smallest penis in the world,” after discussing losing his virginity.  What was he thinking or maybe he was thinking with his small penis??

Iglesias begun his awkward rant by inviting three audience members to join him on stage.

The four men had a small conversation that unexpectedly took a raunchy turn when Iglesias asked his new friends at what age they first had sex.

Iglesias initially claimed he was a virgin until 25, “I grew up with a lot of my friends and all of them lost their virginity with hookers, not that there’s anything wrong with that. They had to pay for it. I wanted to wait for the right girl so I waited until I was 25.”

Moments later, the singer straightened up his story and claimed he was in fact 17 the first time: “I was nervous as s*** the first time. Usually the first time is not the best. Let me be honest, I was 17-and-a-half, I was so nervous. It lasted ten seconds.”

About his strange choice of venue for a amigo-to-amigo chat, Enrique said he was on antibiotics, and shouldn’t have mixed them with alcohol.