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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 14, 2014

English Group Rescues Circus Monkeys, Lions in Peru

English Group Rescues Circus Monkeys, Lions in Peru

Photo: Rescued lions

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Monkeys and lions are among the animals rescued from Peruvian circuses by British-based Animal Defenders International, which is raising funds to find new homes for those creatures in refuges and reserves.

Launched in February, ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom has been carried out in coordination with Peruvian police and the Andean nation’s forestry and wildlife services.

Peru in 2011 barred the use of wild animals in circuses.

Three capuchin monkeys handed over to ADI by Peruvian authorities are now at the Spirit of Freedom compound awaiting their eventual transfer to sanctuaries.

The monkeys are eating fresh fruit and recovering from years of mistreatment, ADI Vice President Tim Phillips said in a statement.

In 2011, ADI, with support from Bolivia’s government, transported 29 lions rescued from Bolivian circuses to a wildlife preserve in the United States.


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