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Latino Daily News

Friday November 15, 2013

Emmy Awards Adds New Spanish-Language Television Categories

The Emmy Awards has added new award categories for Spanish-language programming that include the best in daytime programs, sports, news and documentaries. 

The National Academy of Television Arts & Science, which presents the Emmys, opined the growth in Spanish-language television warranted attention and recognition.  Many in the Latino community would say, “About time!”

Nearly, 35 million out of 52 million Hispanics rely on Spanish-language media for education, entertainment and news according to the Broadband & Social Justice group.

There will be nine new awards under three new categories.  For Daytime Emmys recognition will be given to the outstanding Spanish-language morning program, entertainment program and daytime talent.

The new awards for Sports Emmys include: best Spanish-language sports coverage, studio show, and on-air sports talent in Spanish. Under the category of news and documentary, Emmys for the best Spanish-language newscast or news magazine, best coverage of breaking news and investigative journalism will be given.

The new Spanish-language categories will be judged by a panel of Spanish-language media professional and honored at the Daytime Emmys.

Univision, the largest Hispanic TV network in the country, enjoys great success often garnering a larger audience than its English-language network rivals.  Last July, this Spanish-language network made history when it reached nearly 3.6 million total viewers in a month. 

The major Spanish-language networks, in the past, have launched campaigns to have some of their telenovelas, dramas and talent recognized in English-language Emmy awards.  To date no Spanish-language show has ever won an Emmy in any of the major Emmy award categories.


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