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Latino Daily News

Friday January 7, 2011

Elvis Fan Miner Edison Peña Will Celebrate The King’s Birthday In Graceland

Elvis Fan Miner Edison Peña Will Celebrate The King’s Birthday In Graceland

Photo: Edison Peña Celebrates Elvis Presley's Birthday in Graceland

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Edison Pena will be a special guest during Elvis Presley’s annual birthday celebration in Memphis, Tennessee, this Friday. Presley would have been 76 on Saturday.

Over the next few days, Peña will enjoy a barbecue, visit Sun Studio, attend a Memphis Grizzlies game and receive a private tour of Graceland.

He will also receive five-star accommodation from The Peabody hotel, where he will serve as honorary duckmaster on Friday.

The world learned of this Chilean miner when he led Elvis singalongs to boost the morale of his colleagues while trapped underground for 69 days.

“Everywhere the Chilean Miner goes he is gonna get first class VIP treatment. We know this is a dream come true for him to come to Elvis Presley’s Graceland,” says Elvis Presley Enterprises’ Kevin Kern.

“He is the king, he is the best,” Peña, 34, said, as he posed for photographs beside the singer’s star. “The sweetest of dreams.”

“We are told he jumped up on the bed in excitement when he heard he had been extended an invitation to Graceland,” says Kern.

Peña, who recently lost his disability pay for failing to undergo medical tests due to his constant trips abroad, is humble about his ordeal and newfound fame, and sees himself going back to mining:

“We’ve got to get back to our reality. The dream is over”