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Tuesday March 29, 2011

Elementary School Students Asked “What is an Illegal Alien?”  Parents Shocked.

Elementary School Students Asked “What is an Illegal Alien?”  Parents Shocked.

Photo: The 3rd graders' assignment

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A third grade class in Georgia was recently asked “What is an illegal Alien?” as part of a class assignment.

At Chesney Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia, people were shocked to learn that the third graders were being assigned work in which they were asked questions like, “What does the U.S. do with illegal aliens?” Students had to choose between four possible answers. A) The U.S. them to work in the army. B) The U.S. shoots them into outer space. C) The U.S. puts them to death. D) The U.S. sends them back where they came from.

Families’ concerns were taken to the Gwinnett County School District where spokesperson Jorge Quintana said, “In this case we believe that the material was not appropriate for the classroom.”

Each teacher is required to have teaching material taken from a specified educational website approved by the school’s media committee, and while this immigration assignment was on the site, Quintana said it has yet to be determined if it was approved by the committee.

“Depending on what we find out, there could be disciplinary action as well as additional staff development for our teachers,” Quintana said.

Kelly Avalos, whose 9-year-old brother was given the assignment said, “I would like all parents to be aware what’s actually being sent out there to their children, what they’re actually being taught, what they’re actually reading. This molds their minds.”

The district maintains that the assignment was not intended to be a lesson on immigration, but a reading comprehension lesson.

What may be a surprise is that the teacher, who has only been a teacher for a year, is Hispanic.