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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 28, 2010

Election Year Highlights Hispanic Media’s Influence

Election Year Highlights Hispanic Media’s Influence

Photo: Meg Whitman at Univision debate

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This election season, Spanish-language networks are playing an important role as many are hosting many debates with major candidates and seeing their political coverage received by mainstream media, and such a point should not be ignored or forgotten.

Recent examples of Loretta Sanchez and Meg Whitman were made after they each appeared on the Spanish-language Univision Network.

In an interview with anchor Jorge Ramos, U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez told viewers that her Republican opponent Van Tran was anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic. After the comments were picked up by a blogger, posted on YouTube, and seen by Republican Party leaders, the influence and importance of Hispanic media could no longer be overlooked.

California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was attempting to attract Hispanic voters during her Univision sponsored debate with Jerry Brown, but when she was put on the defensive due to accusations she should have known her long-time housekeeper was unlawfully in the U.S., the exchange went viral.

Even strong supporters of harsh immigration reform are looking to make their cases using Hispanic media outlets as they recognize that it is now necessary to, at the very least, attempt to sway the nine percent of voters that are Hispanic, and it is also in their best interests to recognize that immigration is not these voters’ sole concern.