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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 27, 2010

ELECTION:  Meg Whitman Continues Outreach to Latino Community with Confusing Messages (VIDEO)

Meg Whitman, candidate for Governor of California continues to reach out to the 17 million Latino voters in California with new ads this week – the problem is that the message is in direct opposition to what she is saying in her campaign and in her English language election ads.  ¿Que Pasa?

The Spanish language Whitman ad touts Whitman as being ‘with the Hispanic community’ and as someone who stood up against SB 1070.  And it is those assertions that have leaders in the Hispanic community upset.  She is on record supporting Arizona’s right to legislate immigration issues and “decide what is right for their state.”  In addition she is opposed to the DREAM Act that is highly popular in the Hispanic community.

Current polls show Whitman trailing Brown in most polls and trailing Brown with a large margin amongst Latino voters.

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