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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 27, 2010

ELECTION:  Brian “My Kids Don’t Look Hispanic” Sandoval Poised to be Nevada’s Next Governor

The Rasmussen polls are showing Republican gubernatorial candidate, Brian Sandoval, with a 20-point lead with one week to go to election time.  Brian Sandoval who enjoys 95% of the Tea Party vote is running against Democrat Rory Reid.

Sandoval is one of three notable Hispanic Republicans running for office that have strong anti-immigrant stances in spite of the majority of Hispanics supporting immigration reform.  The other candidates are Marco Rubio for Florida Senator and Susana Martinez running for New Mexico’s governor.

Sandoval who is a staunch supporter of English-only for Nevada also supports Arizona’s controversial SB 1070.  He has received a lot of criticism from Hispanic organizations for his stance as well as his alleged statement claiming his children didn’t look Hispanic.  He made this statement when he was being interviewed by Univision on what he would feel if his children were ‘racially profiled’ and stopped under the SB1070 law. 

It is believed Sandoval is benefiting from the favorable opinion most Nevadan’s have of the former Governor Jim Gibbons; whose is also a Republican.