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Latino Daily News

Monday March 31, 2014

El Salvador Highway Accident Leaves 8 Dead, 32 Injured

At least eight people died and 32 were injured when the truck in which they were riding, which was being driven by a minor, flipped over near a town in central El Salvador, a municipal official said Sunday.

The accident occurred Saturday evening at Kilometer 123 of the Longitudinal del Norte highway near the town of Sensuntepeque in central CabaƱas province, the head of communications for the mayor’s office of the town, Juner Guzman, told Efe.

Four people died at the scene and the others expired at the hospitals to which they were taken, he added.

Guzman said that 17 of the 32 people who were hurt are still hospitalized and six of them are in “serious” condition in the state-run Rosales Hospital in San Salvador, but he did not say whether there were more than 40 people riding in the truck at the time of the crash.

The victims were returning from a wake in another district of Sensuntepeque municipality, he added.

The local press reported, citing unidentified police sources, that the truck’s driver is 17 and lost control of the vehicle after its brakes failed, but he suffered only a few bumps and bruises.


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