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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 26, 2010

El Paso Welcomes Notre Dame and Miami with Mariachis and Nachos for Upcoming Sun Bowl

Today both teams, Notre Dame and Miami, arrived in El Paso, Texas for the Hyundai Sun Bowl.  Notre Dame arrived at 11:00 this morning with the Miami Hurricanes arriving later this afternoon. 

The teams will be greeted by local mariachis and a large local fan base.  Players will participate in visits to the University Medical Center pediatric ward, the fabled Lucchese Boot store and have dinner with troops stationed at Fort Bliss and Biggs Field.  Other pre-game activities include the Annual Bowling competition where 40 bowling teams consisting of four football players competing for prizes benefitting local charities.  What is not included in this year’s pre game activities is a visit to Mexican border city Ciudad Juarez.  Both teams have been apprised of the situation in Mexico and especially the violence occurring in Juarez, which is situated right across the border from El Paso. 

At high noon Friday they kick off to a very evenly matched competition, both teams have a 7-5 record.