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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 5, 2013

‘El Papa Francisco’ Most Searched Internet Topic in Spanish

Yahoo has release it most searched topics in Spanish on the heels of its English list which saw Miley Cyrus as the most search internet persona.

Pope Francis, the first Latin American pope, known in Spanish as ‘El Papa Francisco’ came in as the most searched term/persona in Spanish.  Other top searched topics in Spanish were the Boston marathon bombing (Bombas en la línea de meta del maratón de Boston) and the death of Venezuela’s former President Hugo Chavez (La muerte de Hugo Chavez y el primer año de la era post Chávez).  NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, referred to in Spanish as “El monstruo de Cleveland’” and the royal baby were other personages that made the list of most searched terms in Spanish.

The most searched terms in English tended to be entertainment figures like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, model Kate Upton, amongst others. 

Several Latinos did make the list of most searched English terms including Selena Gomez coming in number five as the most searched on the internet.  Ted Cruz and Fidel Castro made the list of most searched political figures, coming in number six and eight respectively.


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