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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 21, 2011

‘El Kilo’ Suspect in Mexican Mass Grave Killings, Grew up in U.S.

‘El Kilo’ Suspect in Mexican Mass Grave Killings, Grew up in U.S.

Photo: El Kilo - Martin Omar Estrada Luna

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The lead suspect in the mass graving killings in Mexico – thus far official reports puts the number of bodies at 126, unofficially the number is at 145 – is said to have grown up in the U.S.

Martin Omar Estrada Luna, known as ‘El Kilo’ grew up in central Washington state and was deported after committing crimes in the town of Tieton during the 1990’s.  Luna is better known as a leader of the Zeta drug cartel who ran operations for them in the town of San Francisco, Tamaulipas – where the mass graves were located. 

This town was also the location where 72 migrants bodies were found heaped together last year – a crime that sparked outrage throughout Latin America and called for Mexico to better protect migrants traveling through its country.

34 year-old ‘El Kilo’ has an arrest record state side with charges ranging from burglary to immigration violations to flashing a knife.  In total he had 16 felony and misdemeanor convictions before being deported in 2009.