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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 9, 2011

Eight New Airports Approved for Flights to Cuba, Total of 11 U.S. Airports Offering Flights

U.S. Customs and Border officials have announced that eight new U.S. airports have obtained permission to schedule charter flights to and from Cuba.

In spite of the increase in U.S. airports offering more flights to Cuba the same restrictive travel requirements apply whereby only people with Cuban relatives or people from Cuba and those traveling for educational or religious purposes.

The airports that will now host charter flights are:  Chicago’s O’Hare, Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and Puerto Rico’s San Juan airport.  Prior to the announcement only Miami, Los Angeles and New York had flight to the island nation.

The expanded list of airports is part of President Obama’s efforts to increase outreach to the Cuban people and make it easier for those who meet the travel requirements to get there.