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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 30, 2011

Egyptian Demonstrations a Little Calmer on Sunday (VIDEO)

Egyptian Demonstrations a Little Calmer on Sunday (VIDEO)

Photo: Cairo Protests

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Although Egyptian military tanks blocked roads and F-16 fighter jets flew over downtown Cairo, thousands marched in protest.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei called Mubarak’s appointment of Omar Suleiman as vice president a “hopeless, desperate” attempt to keep power. He told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that Mubarak’s exit is “non-negotiable for every Egyptian.”

Salma Soueif, 23, said she has been surprised at the spontaneous protest against Mubarak. “Nobody believed this would happen,” said Soueif, who was at Tahrir Square with a couple of her friends.
Friday, police fired tear gas in an effort to disperse demonstrators. “That made us cry,” she said. “Today it’s more like a festival.”