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Latino Daily News

Monday July 19, 2010

Eduardo Sanchez Junco, (67) Founder of Hello Magazine Dies

Eduardo Sanchez Junco, (67) Founder of Hello Magazine Dies

Photo: hello magazine

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Mr. Sanchez Junco’s death was announced on Hello’s website which gave no cause though several outlets have reported Mr. Junco had cancer.
Eduardo Sanchez Junco was born in Palencia, Spain, in 1943. His parents, Antonio Sanchez Gomez and Mercedes Junco Calderon, started Hola the next year. Eduardo earned a degree in agronomy from the University of Madrid before joining the family publishing concern; in 1984, on his father’s death, he assumed its leadership.

Hello is known for its flattering well-choreographed coverage of elusive celebrities. Hello has been available in the US for many years but it took being sued by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones to make it familiar here. In 2003 the British High court ordered Hello to pay approx $24,000 to the couple and about 1.7 Million to OK Magazine for publishing unauthorized pictures of the couples wedding. Mr. Sanchez Junco is also famous for his act of chivalry regarding topless photos of Princess Di. He once paid a million pounds to secure images taken by paparazzi of Princess Di sunbathing topless in Spain only to promptly destroy the photos and negatives.
Eduardo is survived by his mother, Mercedes, president of the company, his wife and their three children.


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