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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 9, 2013

Edgar Ramirez Joins Robert de Niro on Pic About Boxer Roberto Duran

Edgar Ramirez Joins Robert de Niro on Pic About Boxer Roberto Duran

Photo: Robert de Niro and Edgar Ramirez

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The movie about Panamanian boxing legend Roberto Duran, “Hands of Stone” has just added Edgar Ramirez who will join the cast of Robert de Niro and Usher.

Ramirez will play the fighter while De Niro will play the role of Ray Arcel, Duran’s trainer.  Reportedly pop singer Usher plays Sugar Ray Leonard.  The movie, written and directed by Venezuelan Jonathan Jakubowicz, will tell of Duran’s role in boxings “Golden Era”. 

The film was originally slated to be filmed in Puerto Rico but will now be filmed in Panama starting in September.  Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal was first reported to have the lead in the film is no longer involved with the project. Ramirez is a Venezuelan actor most recently seen in ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and will play the lead in ‘Libertador’ - a movie about Simon Boliar.

Duran who spent most of his life as a lightweight had a 119-103-16 record during his career that ended inexplicably in front of millions when he yelled the legendary words “No Mas” when fighting his long-term nemesis Leonard.

The boxing great officially retired in 2001; was inducted in the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006 and lives a quiet life with family and friends. 

Duran’s son Robin Duran serves as Associate Producer of the film.