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Latino Daily News

Friday December 23, 2011

Dutch Helping Nicaraguan Famers Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and two Dutch non-governmental organizations, Hivos and SNV, are launching a $6.3 million biogas market development program that will bring renewable energy to small farmers in Nicaragua and contribute to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Biogas is a proven and established renewable energy technology that enables millions of farmers and rural households across the globe to convert agricultural waste into a combustible methane gas to meet their energy needs. The project, the first to be approved under a comprehensive biogas program targeting small agricultural producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, will bring renewable energy to 6,000 small farmers and rural households in Nicaragua.

When used for cooking, biogas can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air pollution, compared to other traditional fuels such as charcoal.

Nicaragua suffers from one of the lowest electrification rates in Latin America, particularly in rural areas. Rural households in the country typically rely on wood for cooking, which can lead to chronic respiratory illnesses, especially among women and children, who traditionally spend more time in the household.