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Monday August 29, 2011

During Hurricane Irene Many Wondered, Who Is Miguel Bloombito and What Does ‘He’ Want? (VIDEO)

During Hurricane Irene Many Wondered, Who Is Miguel Bloombito and What Does ‘He’ Want? (VIDEO)

Photo: During Hurricane Irene Many Wondered, Who Is Miguel Bloombito and What Does ‘He’ Want?

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Just as New York and the rest of the East Coast were preparing for Hurricane Irene, with announcements from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg coming out in both Spanish and English, one person was having a little fun at the mayor’s expense.

Ahead of Irene, which would later be downgraded to a tropical storm, Rachel Figueroa-Levin (@Jewyorican), a Jewish Puerto Rican mother in New York, created a Twitter account with the username ‘Miguel Bloombito’ (@ElBloombito), and began posting warnings about the incoming storm in what can only be described as Spanglish, in a way, making fun of Mayor Bloomberg’s sincere attempts to warn his city in both Spanish and English, with the Spanish being not quite perfect.

“Hola Newo Yorko!” began El Bloombito’s first tweet on August 27. “El stormo grande is mucho dangeroso!” followed by the hash tags #nyc  #irene  #bloombito  #inwood.

Figueroa-Levin has since said she started the parody account simply to entertain her friends, and certainly did not expect it to “take off the way it did.

During one of this weekend’s press conferences, a reporter asked the real Mayor Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) how he felt about @ElBloombito. His response: That’s great!

As for Figueroa-Levin, her creation, Bloombito gained 10,000 Twitter followers in just a matter of days (as of Monday afternoon there are over 11,000) and she is using it too do some good with, one Bloombito tweet saying, “Necesito helpayudo para el cleanup del Irene! Por favor to signo up to volunteeriento at nyc.gov/service.”

Some of HS-News’ favorite tweets from before, during, and after the storm:

-Nueva Yorkos! Remain in la casa para mucho rain y lighningo y thundera! El Bang Bang! #Irene #NYC

- Los windy estan mucho rapido. El tropical force. No standing el proxmio las windowos! Los branchos del tree!

- No elevatorador serviso en el high rises por que no electrico para movo y no rescue. el sucko para you. #NYC #Irene

- Muchos trees esta falling downo. No stando under los trees. Que splat!

- El hurricano ahora es un stormo de trpoical. Still mucho dangerouso! Remaindo en el casa!

- Nuevo Yorko: Yo soy mucho proud to be tu mayorador!

- Coño Edisono restorando el power by el Tuesdayo.

- Cuidado! Stayo away para los downed linos de power. Que Electrocuto! El BUZZZ!

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