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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 31, 2010

‘Dunk High Tecate’ Nike’s New Gym Shoe for the Urban Drinker or Urban Athlete?

Nike has just introduced a hi-top sneaker featuring a suede and leather combo in honor of Mexican beer, Cerveza Tecate. The Nike SB Tecate is a sneaker adored with gold side-panels in black leather with an upper red suede and the patented Nike Swoosh.

Though not billing it as an homage to Tecate because it would be irresponsible marketing Nike draws its color scheme from the beer can and the shoes name is the same as the beer.  Now you tell me.

Therefore, we are not sure if these are “high” tops for the urban drinker that needs additional ankle support when tipping back a few cervezitas.  Or is the shoe for the urban athlete that needs to be reminded of his or her favorite beer while engaging in athletic endeavors?  Or did Nike mean to give its young consumer a subliminal message ‘d(r)unk high’ on Tecate while wearing your tecate shoes?  Not sure.  Enjoy the informal comparison on the following video.

The company has gotten itself into trouble before with its questionable use of symbols and messages.  In 1997 it had to apologize to Islamic groups for words resembling “Allah” placed on back of one of its sneakers and had to discontinue the shoes, not before becoming a best seller in great part due to the controversy.  We won’t go into the numerous investigations into child labor practices, violation of minimum wage and overtime laws – but heck they do supply the world with some of the snappiest leisure shoes in the world.

The gym shoes is now available at most Nike retailers for over $100 which is a lot more than a 6-pack of Cerveza Tecate retailing for approximately $4. 

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