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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 10, 2011

Drunk Costa Rican Prison Warden Hits 12 Cars, Dodges Jail

Drunk Costa Rican Prison Warden Hits 12 Cars, Dodges Jail

Photo: Herrera and his Drunken Rampage

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‘La Reforma’ penitentiary’s warden Roland Herrera won’t go to jail despite having hit 12 cars while drinking and driving in a car that wasn’t his. To add to his problems, the woman he was with was not his wife.

Herrera was found to be driving 6 times over the legal alcohol limit by police who arrested him at his house after a drunken joy ride through the streets of San José, all in a vehicle that did not belong to him.

Herrera had just left a celebration of a soccer victory when his car scrapped another occupied parked car.  A chase began and a grand total of 12 different vehicles as well as numerous street lamps and the chain blocking access to his own parking lot were all damaged before the run ended.

Dozens of people chased, screamed and excitedly signaled to the drunk Warden, who haphazardly parked the totaled car and went inside his house like nothing had happened.

Police went into his home and arrested him after he blew a 2.93 on a breathalyzer; the legal limit in Costa Rica is .50, and anything over .75 is considered a crime.

But warden Roland Herrera will not go to jail.

The warden’s defense and the attorney general reached an agreement in which Herrera will not go to jail, but instead attend AA meetings, 150 hours of community service, donate 420k colones (some $850) to a charity of his choice, and pay for the damages to the 12 vehicles he impacted.

Herrera’s license was revoked, and he is not allowed to leave the nation for the next two years while he’ll be in probation.

It is not clear if Herrera lost his position as Warden as a result of this episode.