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Latino Daily News

Monday February 7, 2011

Drug Cartels Making Money With Malware-Infected Software

Drug Cartels Making Money With Malware-Infected Software

Photo: Computer Malware

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Recently, Microsoft warned that drug cartels have moved into the production of pirate software which is likely to contain malware.

Associate general council at Microsoft, David Finn is warning people that Mexican drug cartels like La Familia are selling counterfeit software at more than 180,000 points of sale, and making over $2.2 million a day which funds their weapons trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion operations.

Not only is it funding their illegal activity, but the counterfeit software may contain malware which can “crash” your computer, rendering it temporarily or permanently. The Microsoft products have reportedly already affected at least 38,000 people in 20 countries, and consumers are calling for both the government and the software companies to act against the malware infected software.

In his blog, Finn added that “given the global worldwide impact of the issue, and the fact that it touches so many lives, it’s crucial that organizations, governments, and businesses collaborate on a regular basis to share resources, build awareness, and generate new ideas in our effort to reduce piracy.”