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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 10, 2011

Drug Cartel Takes the Life of Fourth Blogger in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Drug Cartel Takes the Life of Fourth Blogger in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Photo: Drug Cartel Takes the Life of Fourth Blogger in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

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As the terrifying reign of drug cartels continues in Mexico, another blogger has been killed by gangsters for his reports of the cartels on social media sites.

The death of the internet blogger known only by the name “Rascatripas” or “Belly Scratcher” became the fourth person to die as a result of social media reporting. The victim was the second person killed from one site.

The blogger was killed and beheaded, and his body was placed in one of Nuevo Laredo’s wealthier neighborhoods at the Christopher Columbus Monument. On his body was a note (translated from Spanish) that read, “This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn’t report on the social networks.”

The victim is said to have been a moderator on a site called Nuevo Laredo En ViVo. The site posted various bits of narco news regarding shootouts and other Zeta-related activities.

Los Zetas are among Mexico’s most powerful and dangerous drug cartels. In Nuevo Laredo, which sits just across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, Los Zetas have all but taken over.

Though investigators were unwilling to release additional information on the case, photos of the latest victim’s body were shown. In them, one can see the body face down with his hands cuffed behind his back, his head was atop the note.

In the month of September, three other bloggers were killed, the bodies of two – a young man and woman – were hung from a highway overpass. The third was killed in late September and was also a part of the same website as the latest victim. Her name was Elizabeth Macias. The 39-year-old, known as “La Nena,” was found in the same intersection as the most recent victim.

Since President Felipe Calderon declared war against Mexico’s drug world, around 50,000 people have died in cartel-related violence, many among them newspaper writers, journalists, bloggers, and anyone else attempting to share the cartel’s activities with the public.

However, in the face of threats against them, bloggers continue their monitoring of the cartels.

The latest victim’s site, Nuevo Laredo En ViVo, posted, “Let’s continue denouncing them, now that we’ve seen it burns them, hurts them.” They added, “We have to continue. We can’t give in.”