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Latino Daily News

Monday October 4, 2010

Drop the I-Word Campaign Launches

ColorLines is a team of writers, producers and photographers who come together in service to racial justice and they have just launched the “Drop the I-World” campaign.

The I-Word Campaign represents a broad spectrum of individuals and communities from across the country that are demanding respect and rejecting the I-Word, “illegals,” as a designation of their neighbors, children, families and themselves.  The I-Word is shorthand for illegal alien, illegal immigrant and other harmful racially charged terms.

Colorlines explains: “The I-World creates an environment of hate by exploiting racial fear and economic anxiety, creating an easy scapegoat for complex issues and OK-ing violence against those labeled with the word.”  Use of the I-Word affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, most often toward people of African, Asian, Central American and Mexican descent

If interested sign the pledge at this link.