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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 30, 2014

DREAMers in Virginia Eligible for In-State Tuition

DREAMers in Virginia Eligible for In-State Tuition

Photo: Virginia Graduates

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Immigrant students included in the Childhood Arrivals program and who graduated from Virginia high schools are eligible for in-state tuition at public institutions of higher education, the state’s attorney general said Tuesday.

Mark Herring announced the policy change during an event at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

The auditorium exploded with applause after Herring announced the measure, since the capacity audience was full of undocumented youths.

President Barack Obama created the DACA program in 2012 to help the undocumented young people that the long-stalled DREAM Act was intended to benefit.

“These ‘DREAMers’ are already Virginians in some very important ways. In most cases they were raised here, they graduated from Virginia schools, and they have known no home but Virginia,” Herring said.

Nineteen states have moved in the same direction, whether via legislation or adminstrative orders, the Virginia attorney general noted.


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