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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 27, 2010

DREAM Act: Much Hope but Reality Dim for Passage

The issue of the DREAM Act has galvanized immigrant high-school and college students like no other in the country.  As Congress considers taking up the measure possibly on November 29th, during the lame duck session, students are staging hunger strikes, reaching out to their elected officials and trying to draw attention to the issue in any way they can.

The DREAM Act would provide legal status to children of undocumented immigrants if they meet certain criteria, like being in college or serving in the military.  The last time the bill came to a vote was before midterm elections and it was blocked.  It is estimated 55,000 young immigrants would benefit from passage of the bill.

Political experts do not give the bill a lot of hope since the Republican house majority has vowed to focus on immigration enforcement and “securing the border” and not any pro-immigrant legislation.  The more conservative members of the Republican party have outright opposed the bill because they fear it would encourage more illegal immigration.