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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 2, 2010

DREAM Act = Amnesty? Republicans Seem to Think So (VIDEO)

DREAM Act = Amnesty? Republicans Seem to Think So (VIDEO)

Photo: : Senator Jeff Sessions

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Senator Jeff Sessions of Mobile, Alabama, sounding eerily similar to Yosemite Sam, said he would not allow passage of the DREAM Act if he could help it.

ImageSenator Sessions forcefully reiterated that “[The Dream Act] will not pass next year, and is not going to pass this year if i have anything to do about it, I just tell ya’.”

“I was disappointed that, apparently as a result of the Majority Leader’s promises, we now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act, produced last night at 8:45, that he seeks to bring on the floor. We haven’t had a hearing on that in seven years. The American people did not vote for amnesty in this past election.”