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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 21, 2010

Dr. Ana Maria Polo of ‘Caso Cerrado’ Writes First Book Sharing Behind the Scene Secrets of Hit Show

As the host of one of TV’s most popular court shows, Dr. Ana Maria Polo is known for barring all secrets. Her popular Caso Cerrado presents scandalous and shocking legal battles. The show is watched by millions of people in the United States and in over a dozen countries. Viewers love the real-life drama and eagerly anticipate Dr. Polo’s verdicts, as she gavels a final opinion and calls out “Caso cerrado!” (Case closed.) 

Dr. Polo’s top-selling book goes several steps farther, however, revealing details about cases so outrageous they were deemed unsuitable even for her essentially-uncensored daily show. Undoubtedly, these over-the-top secrets are a big part of the book’s success.  But also compelling, is the strong, no-nonsense advice of the doctor herself.

“Querida Dra. Polo: Las cartas secretas de Caso Cerrado” is the most recent of Santillana, the publishers,  titles on the nation’s Spanish-language bestselling lists. Other 2010 favorites include “Come, reza, ama”, the Spanish-language translation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s blockbuster memoir, “Eat Pray Love”, Ingrid Betancourt’s “No hay silencio que no termine”, and “Pide mas, espera mas y obtendras mas”, by popular Latina motivational speaker and radio host, Maria Marin.

Ana Maria Polo (1959) is a Cuban-American lawyer who has become famous among Hispanic television viewers in the United States as the tough-love arbitrator of the Telemundo’s show.  Since 1989, Dr. Polo has helped families and individuals through divorces, adoptions, paternity suits, custody suits, and other family related cases. Dr. Polo is an advocate of domestic and child abuse victims, as well as a supporter of the fight against breast cancer, a disease she battled and survived. She was nominated for a national Emmy award in 2010. “Querida Dra. Polo: Las cartas secretas de Caso Cerrado” is her first book.