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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 24, 2011

Dr Ferrer on Foreplay as Your Second Base

Dr Ferrer on Foreplay as Your Second Base

Photo: Dr. Charley Ferrer, HS-News Newest Contributor

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Are you ready for the Second Inning of this deliciously erotic game? Just how will we move forward after those sensual kisses that had your head spinning and his hands tightening on your hips pulling you closer?

Second Base is about building anticipation. It’s about making him growl when you pull away because he wants more. It’s about making his heart race and his mind flash through all the possibilities he can imagine using to please you—even if that means mimicking your behavior.

Coaching Second
You hear it all the time. How you’re supposed to communicate and how communication is the key to your relationship. Well that is true. However, it’s not merely about the endless sessions of words and bitching—it’s about vulnerability and surrender. It’s revealing your desires and creating a doorway for fantasy to become reality.

Remember that kiss that got you on First Base? How you brushed against his cheek nibbling softly. How you whispered in his ear that you wanted to see “if he tastes as good as he looks or to see if he’s as delicious as he smells”. Well here’s where we continue. Toss him a ball he can swing at. Give him the clues he needs to move forward. Moan and whimper as you move closer pressing against him a bit more as you find the right fit against his body. Whisper between kisses, revealing how you’d like his hands to move over you. Give him the permission he needs to begin his own exploration. Don’t worry, whenever his hands go out of bounds, you can redirect him—or bench him all together.

Everyone needs a little coaching. Men more than most since, let’s face it, we do often give them the wrong signals. After all, who the hell can understand all that ear grabbing, nose twitching, ball scratching that goes on in the dugout. Therefore make it simple for him. Tell him to “Run to Second”. Hold his hand and take him there if you have to then cover his hand with yours and squeeze letting him know the pressure you need to make it more pleasurable to have him there— and keep him there for a while.

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