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Latino Daily News

Friday February 4, 2011

Dozens of Abandoned Children Found Roaming in Mexico, Parents Feared Kidnapped

Yesterday at least 25 children were found roaming the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, all for two were minors, one was an infant and all appeared to be abandoned and homeless.

Nuevo Laredo is a border city neighboring Laredo, Texas.  The first set of children were found Monday night and were only located when neighbors heard crying coming from nearby abandoned homes.  The rest of the children were found in groups in different neighborhoods roaming the streets at all hours and appearing disoriented.

As of today only two of the children, two unidentified females, were returned to their families.  Early indications from officials are that the parents were kidnapping victims from the ruthless drug cartels that operate in the region.  The 23 other children have been placed in a shelter until their parents are found. 

The state of Tamaulipas has a new governor, vowing to restore order and some officials are connecting the kidnappings and the killing of its police chief, on Wednesday, as a warning sign to new Governor Egidio Torre.