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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 13, 2013

Double Murder-Suicide Leaves Mother, Daughter Dead & Chicago’s Latino Community Grieving

Double Murder-Suicide Leaves Mother, Daughter Dead & Chicago’s Latino Community Grieving

Photo: Family Photo

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Chicago’s close-knit Latino community in Little Village is grieving a double murder-suicide that left a mother and her five-year-old daughter dead and the trigger man in critical condition.

Kelly Coca, 28 and her daughter Carla Eguez are believed to have been killed by her estranged husband, an army vet and father of Carla.  Early this morning the unidentified man, who lives in Miami, arrived unannounced at the home Coca shares with her Bolivian parents.

The family believes the little girl opened the door for her father and was shot instantly. After shooting mother and daughter in the head the shooter attempted to kill himself but survived the suicide attempt.

The couple was separated for several years and planned to divorce.  The youngster was getting ready to start kindergarten at a local Catholic school in Little Village.

Coca’s family knew the marriage was troubled but never imagined it would end this way.  The young girl had just returned from visiting her father for a month in Miami.  When the young mother went to pick up her daughter her husband begged them to stay but leary of his history of jealousy and domestic violence they returned to Little Village. 

Some reports indicate Coca’s husband had repeatedly threatened to kill himself and recently sent her pictures of the weapon he used to kill her with. 

The father, who is also Bolivian, served in the Army as an Army Ranger for three years and was currently on inactive status according to DNAinfo

The close-knit community is grieving and left wondering why.  “Everybody knows that family,” said one man, who lives nearby. “They’re always out front having a good time. They go to church right here in the next block. Everybody knows them.”