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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 3, 2011

Double Agent- Police Officer /Zeta Member Arrested in Casino Massacre-HS News Narco Blog

Double Agent- Police Officer /Zeta Member Arrested in Casino Massacre-HS News Narco Blog

Photo: Casino Royale

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Late Thursday, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that Federal Police made another arrest of a man involved in the attack on Casino Royale.

It was Miguel Angel Barraza Escamilla, part of the State Police of Nuevo Leon, who was active on the force when he participated in the slaughter in which more than 60 people were executed. “Through intelligence information provided by the Federal Ministry of Public Security it was learned that he served as State Police of Nuevo Leon, “said Jose Salinas Cuitlahuac, deputy regional control of PGR.

The officer has 9 years experience in the Police Department, but has also been working for the Zetas Cartel. He was identified by the security videos from the Casino.

Salinas also said, ” On this basis of the video, today Federal Police have captured the subject, whom is currently being presented to the prosecutor of the Federation, which is responsible for ascertaining the facts. ”  The authorities note that there is an extensive network of uniformed state police providing protection to criminal groups, including Los Zetas. Stakeholders were also involved in extortion at casinos in Nuevo Leon.

Miguel Angel Barraza Escamilla and his past ... In April 2006, a drug dealer was caught by members of the State Police. The Attorney General’s Office reported that the person they had arrested had had received 30 thousand dollars in cash from two of the drug runners.  The Attorney General identified that the Police officer who was receiving the cash sum had been identified as Miguel Angel Barraza Barragán Escamilla.  In October 2010, the Mexican Army performing an operation in the colony Mirasol, where they managed to release a U.S. resident who had been kidnapped where two of the gunman were killed. During the investigation, a State Police patrol marked No. 554, suddenly appeared, one of the officers was Miguel Angel Barraza Escamilla. It is believed that he was involved in the kidnapping.

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